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Help! I'm trapped in here

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Default NON VW - ford focus brake discs and pads renewal

Is it a simple as to undo to allen key bolts, move caliper out the way, disc should pull off.

Do the pistons need winding in or just pushing in/special tool?. And does the brake fluid cap need to be on or off??

Ive never worked on a focus before

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Help! I'm trapped in here
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Watched one done today whilst my T4 was failing it's MOT - piece of piss.

No wind in tool - waterpump pliers

Didn't notice the reservoir cap being touched, sure it was left on.
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Hi mate, I've done loads and are pretty straight forward depends which model and year Focus you have as to whether the caliper carrier needs to come off as well to get the disc off but that is only two bolts anyway. Always take reservoir cap off on all cars! Period. If you dont take your cap off when you push the pistons back the fluid level will rise and if someone has topped up the fluid when the pads were half worn it will overflow. If the cap is left on it will either fire out of the air hole in the cap and spray everywhere (see, brake fluid and paint dont mix AHH!) Or if the air hole is blocked I have seen wheel cylinders and master cylinders pop there seals (on any make of car) the pressure just finds the weakest seal. The other thing I have seen on Focus is the threads stripping in the carrier for the allen head slider bolts so if they feel a bit tight (on the threads, they should crack off and be slack, one handed ratchet style) then get another caliper carrier or you may get into helicoil territory. The job is alright to do though just watch the threads. I'm not trying to scare you off the job, it's just happened a couple of times so be wary. Hope this helps. Enjoy your tinkering.
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Help! I'm trapped in here

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cheers guys, it sounds simple.

Not my car, favour for a friends mum???? cant afford for it to fuck up as im unemployed and it would be a quick in my pocket.

But you no favours?
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